We will be teaching yoga at an exciting women’s festival Camping Out in June in Devon, UK. Click here for more festival info.

We are travelling in Europe most of the spring and summer in 2019, so please contact us for private lessons. We can come to your home or office and work with your specific aches, pains and needs. These can be quite popular and the price depends on the location.

Why Yoga?

Practicing yoga helps to calm the mind and get the body moving in specific shapes to engage the energy within. It doesn't matter how flexible or experienced you are in yoga, what matters is that you step on the mat today and practice. Move. Breathe. 

Triin teaches Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga & mindfulness meditation, Charlene teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa flow. Both styles are suitable for all levels, we have experience teaching complete beginners and advanced students.

Hatha and Vinyasa yoga

These yoga styles focus on breath, strengthening your core and muscles. Creating the flow that aligns with your breath, resulting in a meditation in movement. Hatha yoga is considered to be the base for all other yoga styles as it’s the oldest of them all. During Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes you will learn series of asanas (poses) that help you become stronger, more focused and happier person.

yin yoga

Yin yoga is a lovechild of Hatha yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Triin will use the methods of mindfulness meditation to guide you through the practice and show how to use your breath to help you get that little bit deeper into the pose. 

Yin yoga – the quiet practice – turns our attention inwards, to connect to the true essence of ourselves.

  • We practise yin yoga meditatively, using long-held poses without muscle tension, which strengthen and flex our connective, fascial and ligament tissues, mobilise our joints, and stimulate and soothe the nervous system. As a result, the exercises we do have a stress-reducing and regenerative effect.

  • We learn how to accumulate the subtle energy flow (chi flow) and to feel the enhanced energy flow in our meridians after completing a yoga practice. This practice nourishes us from our core, with a blend of awareness, calmness and relaxation.


Yin with Triin classes are suitable for all levels of yoga, from beginners to more experienced yogis.


Yin yoga is great for:

  • All levels of yoga experience

  • Relaxation and stress relief

  • Restorative exercise after heavy exercise (CrossFit, martial arts, running, cycling etc)

  • Pregnant women (consult your doctor first, especially after the first trimester)

  • Juniors and seniors

  • Men and women

  • People with restricted levels of movement

Physiological benefits of yin yoga

A slow style of yoga that stresses the joints, ligaments and deep connective tissue (fascia) to create more flexibility and release tension in the more rigid areas (hips, spine, shoulders). and lubricate the sheaths of fascia to allow for your muscles and organs to move and glide effortlessly without pain and discomfort. Often we damage the layers of the connective tissue through trauma, heavy exercise or even lack of exercise, which can cause weaker nerve impulses, bad alignment and poor blood flow. The results are pain and limited flexibility in joints and limbs. Through regular practice of yin yoga you will be able to increase your body’s flexibility and protect it from harm in the future.


Moving Meditation & Mindfulness Yin Yoga Session

A method created by Triin Kambek merging the principles of mindfulness meditation, yin yoga asanas and psychotherapy. 

This method is created to help you re-awaken your flow, to get out of your head and Thinking Mind and enter your Body and Feeling Mind. Everyday life consists of yin and yang aspects: yang being the active, fiery, conscious side of doing and yin being the quiet, restorative, cooler side of feeling and being which often gets neglected in modern lifestyle. Living life solely in yang states can cause excess anxiety and stress, thus it is very important to bring balance and harmony through yin practice of meditation and quietness.  

The session will consist of three parts and I will guide you through each one: 

1. Moving Meditation

I invite you to start your exploration through non-linear movement exercises at the beginning of the class. Moving meditation allows you to enquire into yourself & ask questions “How am I feeling? What am I feeling? Where am I feeling?” without the pressure of needing to be or look like anything or anyone. Moving meditation will also help you get out of your head (the Mental Body), and into your body. 

Non-linear movement is a moving meditation method known to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, therefore inviting your body and mind into a place of rest and digest, essential to balance out the stress from our daily lives. It also creates the space for you to go within and identify the emotions attached to the tension in your body. As a result, the tension will slowly start to unravel and thus awakening a flow of emotions, feelings and energy that has been stuck for a while causing pain and dis-ease. This meditation is used in a therapeutic manner to help release trauma patterns through continued movement and gently in a safe and accepting environment un-freezing your body, awaken sexual energy and sensual sensation through creating a more intimate connection with your own body. 

2. Mindfulness & Yin Yoga

In order to reach the deep pockets of tension in our body, we use a series of long-held poses of yin yoga to stimulate our fascia (connective tissue). Fascia forms a mechanical continuum that extends through our whole body and every cell. All body systems are ensheathed in fascia. It is, therefore, directly connected to our nervous system and can get stuck and stiff is some areas of our body because of trauma or stress. So the stiffer our bodies, the stiffer and inflexible we end up feeling in our minds, creating a sense of existence that can be quite stressful, numb and grey. 

Through stillness and time we allow gravity to put healthy pressure to those parts (i.e. joints, ligaments, tendons) allowing the fascia to start melting as the collagen levels rise and the sheaths became smooth and full of movement once again. As we rest in these poses, you body get softer and more flexible, and you may experience a release of emotions in addition to a physical release of tension. I will guide you through the mindfulness meditation during the poses.

3. Progressive Body Relaxation

Finishing off the session with a full body relaxation to allow the energy awakened and released in your body and mind to settle. I will use my skills and experience in hypnotherapy to guide your body and mind into deep relaxation in a safe and accepting manner. During this guided meditation I invite you to follow the visualisations for full benefit of releasing and softening tension and awakening the sensual energy within you. 

What to expect?

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to stretch and relax. Depending on location, we may have yoga mats for hire, please check the event detail. However, in most places we will have blankets and yoga blocks available for you to use. Always feel free to bring your own favourite piece of yoga equipment.