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Yin Yoga / Yin Jooga (EST/ENG)

  • Bikram Yoga Tallinn 1a Türi Tallinn, Harju maakond, 11313 Estonia (map)

Igapäevaelu koosneb nii yin kui yang osast. Meie yang osa on aktiivsem, tulisem, teadlikusse suunatud osa, mille eesmärk on tegutsemine. Yin osa on vaiksem, jahedam, puhkav, mille eesmärk on tunda. Just yin osa on see, mis võib kiire eluviisi tõttu unarusse jääda. Ainult yang stiilis eluviisi elamine aga on üpris stressirikas ja võib tekitada liigset ärevustunnet. Seetõttu ongi väga oluline luua oma elus-olus tasakaal ja harmoonia, lisades yang'i energilisele aktiivusele yin jooga vaikus ja meditatiivne enesessevaatamine. 

Yin jooga Triinuga koosneb Hiina meditsiini tõdedest (meridiaanisüsteem), teadlikkuse meditatsioonist ja Hatha jooga asamatest (poosidest). Joogatunni käigus juhendan sind läbi lihtsate aga effektiivsete joogapooside seeria, mida me hoiame pikemat aega (3-5 min). Samal ajal keskendume teadlikkuse meditatsioonile, et kuulda oma keha häält just praeguses hetkes. Tunni lõpetame keha lõdvestava meditatsiooniga.  

Ühine meiega nejapäeva õhtuti kell 20 Bikram Yoga Tallinn stuudios!

Tund on Bikram Yoga Stuudio paketihinnas. Üksiktunni hind €10


Everyday life consists of yin and yang aspects: yang being the active, fiery, conscious side of doing and yin being the quiet, restorative, cooler side of feeling and being which often gets neglected in modern lifestyle. Living life solely in yang states can cause excess anxiety and stress, thus it is very important to bring balance and harmony through yin practice of meditation and quietness.  

In order to reach the deep pockets of tension in our body, we use a series of long-held poses of yin yoga to stimulate our fascia (connective tissue). Fascia forms a mechanical continuum that extends through our whole body and every cell. All body systems are ensheathed in fascia. It is, therefore, directly connected to our nervous system and can get stuck and stiff is some areas of our body because of trauma or stress. So the stiffer our bodies, the stiffer and inflexible we end up feeling in our minds, creating a sense of existence that can be quite stressful, numb and grey. 

Through stillness and time we allow gravity to put healthy pressure to those parts (i.e. joints, ligaments, tendons) allowing the fascia to start melting as the collagen levels rise and the sheaths became smooth and full of movement once again. As we rest in these poses, you body get softer and more flexible, and you may experience a release of emotions in addition to a physical release of tension. I will guide you through the mindfulness meditation during the poses.

Finishing off the session with a full body relaxation to allow the energy awakened and released in your body and mind to settle. I will use my skills and experience in hypnotherapy to guide your body and mind into deep relaxation in a safe and accepting manner. During this guided meditation I invite you to follow the visualisations for full benefit of releasing and softening tension and awakening the sensual energy within you.